No Google Simple Protection
No Google Advanced Protection
No Google Full Protection

Do you want to stop Google and not appear more on its search results?

There are several ways to stop Google from indexing and showing your website or any information under it (like a simple page, a file, an image or a group of these) on it's search results.

We remove any reference to your website from Google

integrating all possible options under the Search Engine Immunization (SEI) web marketing technique:
  • Tracking protection: we send you a file that specifies the contents to protect from tracking that you must copy to your website's root
  • Access protection: apart from avoiding tracking, we are able to stop any access from Google's search results
  • Password protection: a keyword is required to access the contents, ideal for controlling who can view them
  • URL removal: whe require Google to remove from its search results the addresses related to your website that you specify
  • Meta modification: we ensure this way that all contents will be erased from Google on its next scan
  • IP denial: we reject any possible access from Google and of Google
  • ...

and we apply them according to your needs and the possibilities offered by the configuration of your site and the server where it's hosted.

No more references of your site on Google?. Want to know more?

Check out our different protection modalities.

No Google Simple Protection

  • Avoids tracking to Google's robot
  • Access protection
  • Removal of up to 10 references in Google

No Google Advanced Protection

  • Avoids tracking to Google's robot
  • Access and / or password protection
  • Removal of up to 20 references in Google

No Google Full Protection

  • Avoids tracking to Google's robot
  • Fully customizable protection
  • Removal of all references in Google
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