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Advanced Protection is an extension of the Simple Protection, designed for larger websites or those with private areas to which you want to restrict access even to people.

It offers the same options than the Simple Protection, but you can additionally choose to protect all your website or parts of it through the use of a password, thus ensuring a controlled and restricted access.

This modality extends to 10 the number of sections, pages and files you can to protect, and is complemented by the removal of the 20 search results displayed at Google that you decide, being possible to extend this number.

All options are complementary and not mutually exclusive, and similarly to the Simple Protection, all changes are reversible

If you are interested on hiring this modality, you will have to fill out a form indicating your domain (Eg:, file or groups of pages and files you want to protect (up to 10 per section), specifying for each case the form of protection. Hire it here for only 89.00 $.

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