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Simple Protection

This modality is ideal for sites under construction or newly released, sites with few pages or sections, or sites with private areas to which you want to restrict access.

We use two forms of protection to stop Google, protection against tracking and protection against access, both complementary and not mutually exclusive.

  • For the protection against tracking we will generate a text file that you must copy at your website's root so that it looks like With this file we tell Google which contents should not be read.

    Attention!, if your website has already been indexed or if it's linked from other sites it can happen that Google does not remove it and keeps appearing in search results, thus being accessible, for which we also employ the...

  • Protection against access. Here the file we generate has the same behavior than the previous but with the difference that it prevents accesses to your site from the links shown at Google. This way, even though you keep appearing in search results, it will not be possible to access from Google.

But if what you want is to remove the search results displayed at Google related to your site, we also do it: we complement both solutions with the removal of the 10 search results you specify, being possible to extend this number.

All changes are reversible, simply delete the files we send you and you will recover your initial configuration.

If you are interested on hiring this modality, you will have to fill out a form indicating your domain (Eg:, file or groups of pages and filesyou want to protect (up to 5 per section), specifying for each case the form of protection. Hire it here for only 49.00 $.

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